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A word from the president, Ibrahima Kâ

Dear Internet users,

The NGO PACTE aims to be a framework for incentive, innovation, promotion and support for community initiatives of urban social development aimed in particular at improving the conditions and living conditions of the poor.

Our strategies, while favoring action at the local level, seek to be part of global development dynamics and to be articulated in a manner consistent with municipal, regional and national policies.

“Acting locally, thinking global” is our motto!

Our interventions promote participatory methods, action research and ensure the strengthening of the organizational and operational capacities of our partners.

The association seeks to serve the general interest and to promote participatory democracy and good local governance, a sine qua none condition for endogenous and sustainable development.

PACTE is currently operating in Senegal, mainly in the Ziguinchor region since 1996. Very early on, we opted for efficiency and effectiveness and seek to ensure our actions have impact and sustainability! This is why we have so far avoided spreading ourselves too thin.

During this period, the NGO engaged in a rich partnership with local communities and recorded significant achievements, in particular in terms of sanitation, housing, community health, socio-educational infrastructure, strengthening of democracy. participative…

After several years of continuous presence and action in the field, PACTE has recently taken new directions in terms of its general organization. Indeed, reconciling militant commitment and professionalism, local roots and openness has become a requirement in the evolution of our organization!

With the experience capitalized in the Ziguinchor region in terms of urban social development, in particular in the strengthening of participative democracy, we wanted to make the results of our actions more visible but also and above all to share in an interactive way the gains of our experience.

This is why in 2008, PACTE launched its website to globalize its communication and make its information accessible to all.

We are more than ever convinced that intercultural confrontation and the exchange of experiences at local, national and international levels can be powerful vectors of development and above all of rapprochement and integration.

We want PACTE to shine on the web.

In the meantime we do not lose sight of our primary objective which is to work at best to contribute to improving the living conditions of the populations especially destitute in our intervention areas !!

We hope you enjoy reading it and are waiting for your suggestions and recommendations to improve the content and the user-friendliness of our site!